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Career Developent Workshop:
Preparing Academic Scientists for Careers in Industry

Organized by the Caltech Postdoctoral Association

Date: Monday Ocotber 17th 2011, 2:30-5:30pm
Place: Beckman Institute Auditorium (Bldg 74 in campus map)
Speaker: Dr. Randall Ribaudo, CEO of Human Workflows; Founder of

Download Ribaudo's handout from the workshop See pictures from the event

Coffee and refreshments will be provided during the coffee break. Everybody is welcome.

Adapting to industry jobs can be a significant challenge for scientists coming from academia. Industry values and even requires skills that go beyond the traditional scientific/technical competencies. "The ability to work in cross-matrixed environments, demonstrate solid tactical and strategic thinking, ability to delegate, communicate and understand basic concepts of project management" are common prerequisites for jobs in industry. Although these skills are not typically emphasized during academic training, many research activities do in fact map to these competencies. Having an awareness of your skills and an ability to express those skills in business terms provides a significant competitive advantage in landing an industry job and being successful in that job.

This training workshop introduces 24 business competencies valued in industry, relates them to postdoc research experiences, and demonstrates how to identify those competencies and relate them to job ads and descriptions. We will also discuss industry's perception of academic scientists with regard to their assumed strengths and weaknesses and how to leverage that knowledge along with an understanding of your own real capabilities to advance your career. A companion online self-assessment will also be available that profiles your own competencies in these 24 areas which can be used in developing resumes, cover letters, preparing for interviews, and for short and long term career planning.

Dr. Randall Ribaudo will look at how to demystify job ads to identify the explicit and implicit information they contain, and how to use that information in conjunction with the results of your self assessment and additional intelligence through smart networking to make you competitive for jobs you desire. Additionally, understanding the social context of these competencies, and how they relate to each other provides foundations for not just obtaining industry jobs, but for excelling and succeeding in an industry career.

Special Deal! As part of the workshop, the participants can do an on-line assessment on ($20 per license). The CPA will distribute up to 100 licenses for attendees free of charge. For those who are interested, please sign up here by 5 pm PST, October 10 2011. If we have more than 100 people who signed up, we will make a random draw (Caltech postdocs have priority). Note that you need to attend the workshop to get your unique username/password as we will distribute the licenses during the workshop.