CPA outreach program serves Caltech/JPL and community next to Caltech; postdocs share their knowledge, experience, and love for science and education with general public including children.

Outreach Activities

  • Caltech Postdocs volunteer as Science Fairs judges, visit PCC and other campuses as guest lecturers,  and actively collaborate with CTLO to tour the labs  and present at local schools STEM fairs.

  • The CPA (and CPA outreach committee) lead organization of Science for March outreach event event, Caltech postdocs welcome thousands of visitors and present educational demos and activities.

New CPA STEM for families program  on campus  CPA STEM for families

The new program was proposed and founded in January 2018 by Eugenia (Jenia) Khorosheva, biochemist, CCE postdoc, Caltech Postdoctoral Association Outreach Coordinator, former postdoc at BBE, and mother of three children. The project creates and tests a new model of delivering knowledge directly from scientists to children. It fills needs of families beyond postdocs, and is a perfect example of good will, creativity, collaborations and an organized effort of campus community. STEM from Scientists to Children!

  • Free Public lectures (LINK to the CPA stem for families program)on campus, for all ages (starting Summer 2018). The team of Public lectures organizers has two CISC volunteers and one postdoc. 18 events took place in Spring-Summer 2018: See the program

  • Free classes for Caltech/JPL community children (CPA stem for families program) on campus (starting January 2018).  CPA STEM for  families
    teachers are Caltech/JPL families and invited CPA STEM families.

  • Currently 12 weekly classes for more than 100 children. Natural sciences and Math circles ( in collaboration with UCLA) are the main branches. Each group is an individual education project of a class teacher, and everyone is ready to help. Each class has a constant group coordinator. Limited number of students outside Caltech join classes by teachers’ invitations and also from Science for March sign up for CPA STEM  waiting lists.  Learn more: CPA stem for families program


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We are always looking for new people/children. If you want to get involved, please visit Get involved.

Our colaborators are:

CTLO, Caltech Y, Caltech relocation office, Caltech theater