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The CPA diversity committee was established in January 2019  to fill what we saw as an unmet need in the postdoc community.

The diversity initiative:
Our mission is to support our diverse postdoc community, help to foster an inclusive environment at Caltech and in STEM, and to increase diversity representation in STEM. In addition, we hope to provide training for postdocs to develop skills for being better and, therefore, more inclusive leaders in their future academic or non-academic careers. Some of the forms of diversity that we hope to address are race, gender and sexual orientation, country of origin, economic and social status, family status, and ability status. We work in coordination with the Center for Inclusion and Diversity, the Staff, International Scholar Services, and Title IX Office to highlight diversity on campus within the postdoc community and provide support to postdocs that fall within traditionally underrepresented groups in STEM.

Some of our activities include:
- Advocacy efforts
- Equity & Title IX Postdoc training per division  ( co-organized  with Title IX office)
- Diversity & Inclusion workshops: preparing for the Job Market
- Arts & Cultural & Diversity events
- Film Screenings and discussions on topics of diversity in STEM
- LGBTQ+ and Allies Socials and Mixers, PRIDE celebration- Caltech postdocs pods and safe spaces
- Organizing town halls

Specific links:

-Community resources:

-Campus resources for postdocs:

-Disability in STEM seminar series:

For questions, email Beccah Warmack or Sonia Gasmi, CPA Diversity Co-Chairs, at or