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Housing and Insurance Options

We understand that moving into a new place can be challenging. Check out the cool College Student Renters Guide to understand the basics of finding and leasing a property.

The following housing websites can be of great help to incoming postdocs:

Roommates | - Caltech - Pasadena, CA

The Realtor that works with Caltech and handles rentals and purchases is Cynthia Cohn:
Address: 3016 E Colorado Blvd #70063, Pasadena, CA 91107
Phone: (626) 714-6808

Apart from the above, Caltech Marketplace also often has ads from the Caltech community for apartment rentals. To subscribe to Caltech Marketplace, send an email to

Domestic and International postdocs can avail of affordable insurance by reaching out to:

Alon and Jonathan Pesso
Phone: 818-887-8585
Address: 28047 Dorothy Dr. Ste 303, Agoura Hills, CA 91301

Note to postdocs with an international driver's license: As of August 11, 2022, GEICO Car Insurance requires a driving record (record of violations of traffic law) from the country that issued your international driver's license to accredit the years of driving experience. Some countries may be able to provide this document through the respective embassy or consulate. If you cannot provide a driving record for your previous years of driving experience, you cannot benefit from a reduced monthly rate. Some other insurances will accredit the years of driving experience without providing a driving record.

Please note: The Caltech Postdoctoral Association does not endorse any of the websites or agencies, and the sole purpose here is to share affordable resources with incoming postdocs.