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Welcome Gift Bag

CPA welcome gift bag information:

We, at the Caltech Postdoctoral Association (CPA), have been working hard on creating a welcome gift bag for all Caltech postdocs. We are thrilled to announce the launching of a CPA welcome gift bag in 2023 for Caltech postdocs.

Starting today (Monday, May 22, 2023), active Caltech postdocs can collect their welcome gift bag (even if you have been a postdoc for years!) at the Caltech Store. For that, just show-up at the Caltech Store with your Caltech ID and ask for a postdoc welcome gift bag. You will have until Thursday, August 31, 2023 to collect it. After this date, only new arriving postdocs will be eligible for a welcome gift bag.

Come prepared before collecting your bag: together with some goodies (see attached letter), the welcome gift bag includes a $23 voucher and a 20% discount coupon. They both must be used when the welcome gift bag is collected, they cannot be used retroactively. Thus, we recommend visiting the Caltech Store website or physical store before collecting your welcome bag.


We thank the following offices for their contribution to the welcome gift bag. Click on their link to learn more about their resources.

The latest welcome gift bag was released in August 2023.