Career Committee

The CPA Career Development Committee provides career-related programming and support to postdocs from all divisions.

Our events typically fall into one of three categories:

  1. getting a job, both academic and from industry
  2. professional development, such as grant writing, negotiation, or public speaking
  3. personal development, including work-life balance

These events range from informal brown bag workshops usually held during the lunch hour to formal workshops and seminars.

Check out our Calendar and the Career Resources page. Sign up for the CPA mailing list , join our Facebook Group FB and follow us on Twitter and Instagram to stay informed about upcoming events.

Career Committee Members

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Utkarsh Mital, EAS

Career Committee Co-Chair, umital-at-caltech-dot-edu
Amir H. B

Amir H. Behbahani, BBE

Career Committee Member & BBE Division Rep, amirhb-at-caltech-dot-edu
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Eleftheria Roumeli, EAS

Career Committee Member & EAS Division Rep, eroumeli-at-caltech-dot-edu
Tri Vu bw.jpg

Tri Vu, BBE

Career Committee Member & CPA Treasurer, tvu-at-caltech-dot-edu
Arslan Ahmed

Arslan Ahmed, EAS

Career Committee Co-Chair, arslan-at-caltech-dot-edu
Carolyn Ladd

Carolyn Ladd, CCE

Career Committee Member & Social Committee Chair, cladd-at-caltech-dot-edu
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Allan-Hermann Pool, BBE

Career Committee Member & BBE Division Rep, apool-at-caltech-dot-edu
Alessandro Zocca

Alessandro Zocca, EAS

Career Committee Member, azocca-at-caltech-dot-edu
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Yingxin Deng, CCE

Career Committee Secretary, yxdeng-at-caltech-dot-edu
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Eugenia Khorosheva, CCE

Career Committee Member & CPA Outreach Coordinator, jenia-at-caltech-dot-edu
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Ezgi Kunttas-Tatli, BBE

Career Committee Member & BBE Division Rep, etatli-at-caltech-dot-edu
Raj Kumar Pal

Raj Kumar Pal, EAS

Career Committee Member, rkpal-at-caltech-dot-edu
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Sreeram Balasubramanian, BBE

Career Committee Member & CPA Chair, balasus-at-caltech-dot-edu
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Caroline Charpentier, HSS

Career Committee Member & HSS Division Rep, ccharpen-at-caltech-edu
Hechen Ren

Hechen Ren, EAS

Career Committee Member, hren2-at-caltech-dot-edu
Maria Ninova

Maria Ninova, BBE

Career Committee Member, ninova-at-caltech-dot-edu